Stone Masonry Accessories

Stone Masonry Accessories
We supply a wide range of Stone Masonry Accessories ideal from beginner to expert Stonemasons. We are one of the biggers UK suppliers of traditional Masonry Tools

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  • Diamond Sharpeners for...

    Diamond sharpener for sharpening Tungsten Carbide Tipped & Firesharp Chisels.

  • Grinding Wheels for...
    Grinding Wheels for the sharpening of Tungsten Carbide Chisels.
  • Lewis Pins
    A Lewis Pin is a lifting device used by Stonemasons to lift large stones into place with the use of cranes, chain block or a winch.
  • Stone Masons Chisel...
    This Stone Carving Tool Roll is equipped to hold and protect 14 different sizes and shapes of Stone Chisels which is ideal for Stone Masonry and Letter Carving.
  • Stone Rubbing Blocks
    These Stone Rubbing Blocks or carborundum stones are ideal for hand polishing Masonry units after carving and cleaning of stone. The rubbing blocks available in different grit levels.