Firesharp Chisels

Firesharp Chisels

Firesharp chisels are made entirely from High Carbon Tool Steels, so they can be hardened and tempered. Firesharp chisels come in Mallet head and Hammer head form.

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  • Bolster Chisels

    Firesharp Bolsters are idealy used for producing curves in soft stone.

  • Bullnosed Chisels

    Firesharp bullnosed chisels are used to smooth an area of the stone. It's useful to smooth round bottoms or hollows.

  • Lettering Chisels

    These Chisels are designed for Letter cutting.

  • Masonry Chisels

    Firesharp Masonry Chisel are made entirely from High Carbon Tool Steels. These Firesharp chisels are for the general shaping of soft stone and marble.

  • Pitching Chisels
    Firesharp Pitching Chisels are used to face stone.
  • Splitters & Nickers

    Firesharp heavy duty masonry chisels are also known as firesharp splitters and nickers