Stonemasons Hammers & Mallets

Stonemasons Hammers & Mallets
Stonemasons hammers and mallets are required for all types of from from detailed lettering to traditional stone masonry work. We supply a wide range of stonemasonry hammers and mallets to suit any job required.

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  • Dummy Hammer
    These conical section types Dummy/Dolly Hammers are CNC machined from EN8 to provide you with the perfect weight/size balance for carving with.
  • Masons Beech Wooden...
    Beech wooden mallets are more of a traditional choice for masons, to use with stone and marbling masonry work.
  • Masons Bushing Hammers
    These Bushing Hammers have a 4x4 point grid of Points on either face. These Points are hardened to resist damage when working aggressively with stone.
  • Masons Club Hammers
    Hickory Shafted Club hammers for general purpose work with Stone.
  • Masons Lettering Hammers
    Masons lettering hammers are perfectly balanced for use with our lettering range of chisels, Fishtail Carving, Fine Carving chisels and even onto lighter work on our standard range.
  • Masons Nylon Mallets
    Nylon Mallets for use with stone and marbling masonry.
  • Masons Punch Hammers
    The masons punch hammers are used extensively in natural stone walling in the UK.
  • Scottish Dykers Hammer
    Scottish Dykers Hammers makes easy work of splitting stones without the need for chisels.
  • Scutch Hammers
    Stonemasons Scutch Hammer for use with scutch combs for cutting rock, trimming stones, shaping and chasing out channels.