Granite Chisels

Granite Chisels
These Granite Masonry Chisels are ideal for Cutting, Pitching & Lettering Granite

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  • Mason Chisels
    These Granite Stone Cutting Chisels are ideal for Stonemasons for Cutting Granite
  • Pitching Chisels

    Our Granite Pitching Chisels are made extra heavy duty for the toughest of requirements. They are made from high carbon tool steels, and have a super tough Tungsten Carbide tip. The chisel has ample support for the tip to give this tool a long life, where as some can fail due to lack of support behind the tip. Approximately 9" long, they have a flat hammer head for a large striking area.

  • Points & Punches

    Granite Point Chisels have a diamond-shaped cutting face which is ideally used for cutting V grooves or sharp internal corners into the stone.

    Granite Punch Chisels are the workhorse of the chisels. These mason chisels are used for roughing out and removing material quickly.