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Earthborn Silicate Primer is a base coat primer for use with Earthborn Silicate Masonry Paint. It can be used to stabilise any mineral surface that is very absorbent or loose and powdery.

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For long lasting paintwork on masonry walls, first apply a coat of Earthborn Silicate Primer as a high performance alternative to traditional limewash and conventional masonry paints.

Being water based and VOC free, Earthborn Silicate Primer is environmentally friendly and works in harmony with the fabric of the building. The primer bonds with the underlying masonry to form a barrier that is waterproof and weather resistant, yet allows the walls to breathe.

Ideal for stabilising loose, powdery surfaces prior to painting, Earthborn Silicate Primer is specially formulated as a base coat for Earthborn Silicate Masonry Paint. The Primer can be used on all mineral surfaces including brick, stone, concrete, pebble dash, render, lime wash, plaster and render.

  • Ideal primer for Silicate Masonry Paint.
  • Stabilises loose, powdery surfaces.
  • Helps prevent algae growth.
  • VOC free.
  • Water based, highy breathable.
  • Easy to apply with standard brush, roller or suitable spray gun.


Product Information  


5 – 7sq m/litre

Water Vapour Permeability: Sd Value = 0.06m

Drying time:

12 hours

Ingredients: Water, stabilised sodium tetra-silicate, styrene stabiliser


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